How is NYC Parking Enforcement?

Is NYPD Traffic's parking enforcement consistent and rigerous on your block? Check!

Compare statistics on violations written to quality surveys of on-street conditions to determine if enforcement is rigerous.

This research tool uses data from Parking Violations Issued - Fiscal Year 2023 - 2024. Street Names values vary by the agency writing parking violation - Some agencies like NYPD Traffic enter summonses elctronically with consistent street names. Some agencies (NYPD Precincts) write summonses on paper and the data reflects the exact street name spelling written on the summons. Tickets issued by NYPD Precints may be written under multiple variations of a street name. Data is updated monthly.

⚠️ Warning: Streets may be listed multiple times with different naming variations.
Cross Streets
House numbers (inclusive) to

Methodlogy: Records that are missing a street, or have future issue_date are excluded.